Megan J Wilson

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Megan wrote her first play (a modern and irreverent take on the Three Little Pigs) at age 10.  She chooses to believe the laughter from the audience was at the jokes, not at the effort.

Megan is a Seattle native. She’s worked at a publishing house in Seattle, a cannery in Alaska, a law firm in North Carolina, and the NFL in New York. She also worked as a writers assistant for a couple of CBS shows in New York before moving to Los Angeles, where she wrote and produced the critically acclaimed six-episode web series The Sanctum, was a finalist in the Jameson First Shot competition, and wrote and directed several short films (Mine, Wolf Peak, Womp & Circumstance).

In 2018 she founded the League of Women Writers, where she currently serves as a board member.

Megan’s one-hour drama pilot, Drop Zone, about a female smokejumper who returns home to Montana to discover her sister has married her high school sweetheart, was a quarterfinalist for Script Pipeline (2018) and a quarterfinalist for the PAGE Award (2019), and subsequently optioned. In 2020 she had two drama pilots make quarterfinalist for the PAGE Awards.