Jobs Connect

We’re all too familiar with the struggles that women and non-binary writers face working in television: despite being more than 50 percent of the population, women make up less than 30 percent of writers’ rooms. And while there are no statistics on how women of color specifically fare in writers’ rooms, we know it’s even more of a challenge for them. So with the specific needs of our membership in mind, CWS asked ourselves: how can we help to foster systemic change within our industry?

Support staff positions – from writers’ assistant to script coordinator – provide the kind of valuable room experience that can jump-start a TV writing career. But as everyone starting out in television knows, these jobs are almost impossible to find. So CWS launched the Jobs Connect Program in 2015 in order to facilitate change by creating a pipeline into these coveted positions. 

About the Program:

The JCP is a year-long program that includes education, networking and support.

  • Over the course of the year, selected participants attend mixers and meetings designed to facilitate relationships that will become invaluable as they develop their careers.
  • Participants attend panels tailored to help them become standout assistants, build their networks, and launch their TV writing careers.
  • Previous panel topics have ranged from the writers’ assistant’s role in the room to how to make the leap to staff writer. Panelists have come from comedy, drama and genre series such as iZombiePatriotSilicon ValleyGeniusStar TrekBlindspot and Togetherness.

For Applicants:

When the annual submission period opens:

  • You will need to submit a current resume and at least three references for initial consideration.
  • Please look for updates on our Facebook page as autumn rolls around.

For Showrunners and Producers:

We’d love for you to think of the JCP as a resource for finding your next assistant. Consider the following:

  • All program participants are vetted: they submit resumes, references, and undergo an interview by industry professionals.
  • JCP participants are a diverse group of emerging TV writers with a variety of backgrounds, education and experience.
  • All selected participants are committed to a career in television: many have either placed or were accepted into the major TV writing fellowships.

We can help you find the perfect candidate to fill your writers’ assistant, writers’ PA, showrunner’s assistant and script coordinator positions. Let us know the position you need to fill, your ideal candidate’s background and how many resumes you’d like us to send over.  Contact us at for resumes and more info.